Food Plots After Mild Winter.

This morning I had the opportunity to speak at length with one of the nations most respected and knowledgable food plot experts.  Wilson Scott.  Vice-president of the Whitetail Institute of North America and son of the legendary sportsman Ray Scott.  Needless to say, when Wilson shares some of his advice with me, I always listen and am eager to share with my readers.  The topic of our conversation today was the mild winter we’ve had in New York and how that may impact the food plots for this upcoming growing season.  After a lengthy and sometimes technical discussion, the over-riding theme of his advice was very simple.  “Be prepared for things to happen early.”  Here are some of the more important issues we touched on and some of the things we will be carrying out over the next few weeks on the properties we manage. Continue reading

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Introducing Aggrand Liquid Lime and Fertilizers

Here at Tosch Consulting Environmental we are always looking for techniques and products that can improve the deer habitats that we hunt and manage.  Whether it’s tillage practices, seed blends, food plot designs or forestry services, we are continuously looking for things that will give our clients the best and most cost-effective management results. That’s why we are thrilled to have found and started to implement a new line of all natural, organic liquid fertilizers, lime and other soil enrichment products from Aggrand.

Aggrand offers a full line of all natural agricultural products made by Amsoil.  Many of you know Amsoil as the company that makes those awesome synthetic motor oils, lubricants and filters.  Because we’ve known for years of their outstanding reputation for quality, we felt pretty confident that Aggrand would be the quality leader in the liquid fertilizer field as well. Continue reading

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Timing is Everything

Patience has never really been one of my strong points.  Just ask my wife Joanne.  She has learned over the years not to say things like “do you think you could take care of the slow drain in the bathroom when you get a chance”, especially at bedtime on a Sunday night.  Statements like that have too often turned into me tearing the drain apart at 11pm and clearing the drain and then putting it back together and then oooohh shhhoooott, I broke the dang pipe.  Now the sink wont be working til I get home from work tomorrow night. When I get the new pipe and try to install it, I realize that what we really need is a new sink, so its back to the store for a new one which I install but you can’t use it (sorry, Honey) until the caulk dries. Which should be by Wednesday morning. $250 dollars and three days later I’ve fixed the slow drain in the bathroom.  The timing of this project could have been better.

The same could be said for the way we hunt.  How many times have you been waiting for your day off so you can sit in that stand, where you’ve been seeing that nice buck traveling through that wood lot.  When that day finally comes, the wind is totally blowing in the wrong direction.  You convince yourself that you can make it work, despite the wind, and end up with no buck sightings, and every doe within 100 yards gives you that “clear the county” whistle blow as they high tail it out of there. Continue reading

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Food Plots – Who Needs ‘Em?

Hunting properties are not much different from the people that hunt them.  No two are alike.  Each property has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being able to nourish, protect, produce and hold mature whitetails.

So as a land owner how do you go about evaluating your property, and more importantly how do you go about eliminating the weaknesses while making the strengths even stronger?   I believe food plots can be the answer to many of your property’s most pressing needs.

Over the next few weeks we’ll discuss how any property can benefit from a sound food plot program.  And I do mean any property.  Whether you have 10 acres or 1000.  Whether you hunt big woods or farm country.  Whether you hunt high pressure or low pressure areas.  This series of blogs will help to dispel some myths and give you some proven tactics that maybe you have never considered.

Thanks for reading and commenting and feel free to contact us at Tosch Environmental Consulting.

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Spring Food Plot Clean-up

For most food plot managers, spring is a very busy time of year and that is certainly the case with us at Tosch Consulting.

Perennial plantings are really the backbone of the properties we manage for whitetails because they not only attract deer they provide them with the nutrients necessary to sustain a healthy deer herd.

Managers must always be aware that weeds are a perennial’s worst enemy and will diminish the potential of the plot quicker than any other factor. This means perennials require special attention throughout the year to ensure they perform at their best.

Spring’s checklist should start with weed control.

Many people ask when the best time is to apply grass and broadleaf control, and the answer really depends on the conditions during March and April. The optimal time is generally when the weeds are just starting their spring growth period. Continue reading

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Introducing Dave Brokaw

Dave Brokaw’s lifelong passion for hunting has always been coupled with a desire to maximize the potential of hunting properties to ensure not only a successful hunt, but also a healthy wildlife population that will thrive for generations.

His first job was working on a 900-acre private game preserve in Western NY. Under the tutelage of the preserve’s property manager – who also happened to be his brother, Art – Dave helped implement and maintain all aspects of the preserve to ensure that the owner, hunters, and game animals were well-cared for. Continue reading

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